Military Order of the Purple Heart

Fort Lowell
Chapter 442
Tucson, Arizona

Become a Member of the MOPH

All persons of good moral character who are awarded the Purple Heart Medal by the Government of the United States AND are not dishonorably discharged are eligible for active membership in the Military Order of the Purple Heart of the U.S.A.

Simply complete and submit an application form, provide documentation to us of the award of the Purple Heart Medal, and remit your dues to our office. Please note that the MOPH does not have posthumous membership.

Membership Application - Download the application.

Apply online - Apply online at the National MOPH website.

Become an Associate Member of the MOPH

Are you a lineal relative of a Purple Heart Medal Recipient? If so, you qualify for Associate Membership in the Military Order of the Purple Heart and can work side by side with Purple Heart recipients to continue the legacy of these brave men and women who gave so much to this country.

To be eligible for Associate Membership, you must be a spouse, parent, sibling, or lineal descendant of either a living or deceased Purple Heart recipient.

Associate Membership Application - Download the application.

Volunteer or Donate

Volunteers are needed to help at VA Hospital in Tucson and at other Veteran's activities that we support.  Use the "Contact" page to contact us if you wish to volunteer. You do not need to be a MOPH member to volunteer to help our veterans.

Donations are needed to help our veterans. Use the "Donations" page to make a donation.  Chapter 442 is a tax-exempt, non-profit veterans group operating as a 501(C) organization.  Chapter 442 owns no real estate and its officers and volunteers work from their homes and serve without pay or financial incentive.  One hundred percent of all contributed money is applied to further the work described above. The chapter does not engage in mass-mailings or phone solicitation, and does not employ professional fund-raisers.   Instead, we rely upon the good will of those who know of and support our worthy programs; primarily through “Donations" from among the membership, from outside individuals and from corporate donors.  Donations to MOPH Chapter 442 fully qualify as charitable contributions under the federal tax code and IRS rules.